Napatree Point

by brookefiore

Just yesterday I may have been seemed like I was jumping the gun with all the talk of pumpkins and falling temperatures. Let’s just say I’m not pulling out my sweaters and boots just yet. In fact, today the temp rose to nearly 75 degrees and I decided to visit one of my favorite places on earth. Napatree Point.

Although this beach is nearly impossible to enjoy in the summer due to parking constraints and busy downtown streets, it is my go to spot once Labor Day has passed. The beach itself is just over a mile long reaching out into Rhode Island, Connecticut and even New York waters. The bay side boasts serene waters, grassy dunes and rocky beaches. The ocean side has that compact sand down by the water’s edge that is perfect for running on. The ocean side is also by far my favorite place to walk. With the constant roll of the waves bringing in new treasures along the tidal line it makes for great beach-combing.

While these two claws didn’t make it into my bucket I did stop to take in their display of colors. I was joined today by a few runners and some beach-combers like myself. My beach walks are less about the exercise and more about being outdoors and boosting my happiness. Most visits provide me with something new to add to my shell and sea glass collection and I have the drive home to think about where I will place my new finds to make sure they are enjoyed to their fullest. After all, what good are these natural beauties if they come home to sit in a closet? Today I found these…


During a walk out the point back in November I recall finding bits and pieces of sand dollars – my first clue that these even existed up here in the Northeast. Back in 2007 I went to Mexico and collected sand dollars for the first time. Most were broken and about the size of my hand. However, one morning I found this absolutely perfect one.

I recently finished Gretchen Rubin’s book, The Happiness Project. You can check out her site which is here. At one point she writes about how most adults will find the activities fun that they found fun as a child. I got to thinking about my own childhood and there wasn’t a summer that went by that I didn’t spend hours on the Jersey Shore looking for shells and glass. It’s nice to know that however I am feeling, if I can get myself to the beach I will be okay. And if I can’t get to the beach, I have some objects that can remind me and evoke that sense of calm that I seem to find when my feet hit the sand.

Summer, winter, fall and spring. Napatree still has plenty to offer if you ask me!


 So what has my day at Napatree Point inspired? Mussles and Linguini for Dinner! Recipe to follow in my next post.