Chicken Piccata

by brookefiore

I will start off by saying, I don’t have a great relationship with chicken. No, I’m not allergic and yes, I champion chicken as a great source of lean protein with endless possibilities on the dinner menu. But, I still find myself avoiding cooking chicken at all costs. Maybe it is because I feel I need to have the bottle of Lysol kitchen cleaner in one hand to avoid any traces of food borne illness. Or maybe it is because I have been the victim of the dry, dull chicken (no offense Mom and Dad).

While living alone during my internship I avoided chicken completely. I also seem to have an irrational fear of chicken skin, tendons and veins. I was ready to try again. I perused the internet for a chicken recipe, something fun, exciting, full of flavor. My eyes were glazing over. I was going to call it quits, this was not the night for chicken I would do beef, or fish, or anything just to avoid the dead bird.

Alas, I found a recipe I thought I could live with. A lighter twist on a traditional higher calorie recipe. Herbs, lemon juice, low sodium chicken broth, capers…Yes, I could do this. I would pair it with a familiar tried and true side dish of roasted potatoes. I got the Lysol ready and gave it a whirl.

The potatoes roasted to a crisp with a hint of spice from some dijon mustard and crushed red pepper. I winced as the chicken seared in the pan. I also missed the step in the recipe about seasoning the chicken with salt, pepper, and flour. The sauce would save me. It was great. I think the part of the recipe where it tells you to swirl in the butter really sounded kind of fun.

There you have it. Thank you Food Network for helping me face the dreaded chicken.

 The Chicken Piccata original recipe can be found here.

Cheers to a nice weekend!