Row, Row, Row Your Boat!

by brookefiore

In my opinion, today’s weather was one of those top ten perfect days that the year presents us with. Not too hot, nor too cold. The sun is still providing an immense amount of warmth but crisp air and clear blue skies suggest cooler weather is coming and yes, I believe I heard the crunch of fallen leaves beneath my feet! The clarity that comes with the lack of humidity makes all the colors seem to pop out. This time of year that means the last of the summer flowers and some of the earliest leaves as they start to change. With my new sneakers laced up I set out on a Sunday afternoon walk along the river.

I spied this white heron in search of some lunch.

The way these slender birds wade in the water always makes me laugh. We are fortunate to have a few that visit our front yard, which happens to be a marsh, in the summertime.

Blue hydrangeas are one of my most favorite summer flowers. I was excited to find this one still full of color. Hydrangeas are neat because their color is based on the pH of the soil.

Another great this about this afternoon was that it was the 21st Annual Coastweeks Rowing Regatta at the Seaport. This meant that a ton of rowers were out showing off their skills along a 2,000 meter course that ran parallel to my walking route! I walked down in time for some of the Quad and Doubles races.

Hey! I know him! Although Arrik is only about one month into rowing he looks like he knows what he is doing doesn’t he?

Some of the quads.

Here they are heading into the home stretch.


And off to the finish line they went. It was fun to see those walking, jogging, and even rollerblading take the time stop and spectate as the rowers raced by. I also found some inspiration for next year’s garden…



 I’m not sure what this flowering vine is but I thought it was pretty.

River Road holds a lot of memories for me. This very long, winding road runs along the Mystic River (couldn’t tell from the name right?) and it’s one of my favorite places to walk. It’s also my go to spot when I want to take the “scenic” drive home. We also take this road on our way to the Christmas tree farm and to B.F. Clyde’s Cider Mill. I think it is important to enjoy days like today. To appreciate the good times when they present themselves and to remember that the seasons will change and each has its very own set of sights, sounds and tastes to marvel at. I can’t help but think of this phrase that I recently came across it in a book by Gretchen Rubin.

The days are long but the years are short.

I couldn’t agree more. Here’s to starting the week off with a calm, contented mind.