Beer and Pretzels

by brookefiore

I’ve hit a block. A writer’s block that is. I’ve always enjoyed writing and though I never thought I was talented enough to make anything of it, I do cherish the pleasure I get from the act of writing. From list making to poems, from essays to blog posts. In notebooks and on computer screens, on scrap paper, and in the margins of a book.

 Today is one of those days where the pen hangs over paper, my fingers seem to sit idle on the key board. Therefore, I will keep this short and sweet, and I do mean sweet. Beer and pretzels to be precise.

 Lately I’ve been spending a great deal of time in the kitchen. Like writing, I cultivate happiness and satisfaction from creating a shopping list, going to the store, mixing, whisking and plating. It’s not such a surprise then that I would opt for a home cooked meal over eating out most of the time.

 But this isn’t even really about dinner at my favorite restaurant. This is about a sweet little treat that I enjoy most in a wool sweater and my brown leather boots. When it’s forty degrees out I seem to have the perfect excuse to do so.

Shipyard Pumpkin Head beer on tap in a cinnamon sugar rimmed glass.


With a freshly made cinnamon sugar pretzel and house made cream cheese frosting. No health benefits to be found in this pairing, only extreme sweetness. Everyone has their times of indulgence and this is one of mine. It’s fresh, it supports a local business and for me, it is just one of the many signs that it’s fall in New England.