Cork Coasters

by brookefiore

When I was younger I was mildly obsessed with my hot glue gun. I spent hours behind the couch alongside our sunny french doors where I had created my workshop. I thought I was miss HGTV. I had a potting station for plants, I decoupaged everything I could get my hands on, and I constantly burned my hands gluing together anything the hot glue would secure. I distinctly remember the day we got AOL dial-up per the recommendation of my fourth grade teacher. I remember my first internet destination, HGTV’s website. I could barely contain my excitement for the crafting that would now be available at the very click of the mouse. Crafting was put on hold when I would have to pack up my supplies because it was time for hockey practice. I was a child with diverse interests.

Somewhere along the years I lost my hot glue gun or maybe it was tossed away because I developed new interests. But I haven’t ever forgotten those hours I spent perfecting my glue line, nor have I lost my ability to remain interested in a vast array of hobbies.


I always had the intention of collecting wine corks with no intention of what I would do with them. I also have a few favorite wines that are screw top which wasn’t going to help with my quest for corks. Then, a friend of mine dropped off a wicker basket filled with, yes, hundreds of wine corks. Thanks to a family who appeared to enjoy a great deal of red wine, I was ready to get crafting…sort of. I still hadn’t decided what to do with the corks.

A cork board was the obvious thought but try as I might, I’d never been one for bulletin boards. I am just too orderly for something that is meant to be disordered. At least I think that’s how a cork board looks best because my organization got the better of the family’s board and I have to admit it looks a bit stark. Thanks to the wide world of web I found some inspiration. Cork coasters!  

Of course this meant a trip to the craft store for a new hot glue gun. Luckily, the choices were few because I am the type that becomes overwhelmed with too many options. It was miniature high temperature or the hybrid Z1000 cordless monster of glue gun, the choice was clear, I’d be going mini. 

Thanks to my creative efforts the days of water stains on the coffee table should be a thing of the past.  

 Once again, my thought that those activities that brought you joy as a child can also bring you happiness as an adult rings true. I am thinking these coasters would sure be a nice addition for a hostess gift.

Cork Coasters

Makes a set of four

32 wine corks (ideally of similar size and shape)

Hot glue gun with glue sticks (I used about 1 1/2 sticks)

A toothpick or two

Run a single line of glue along the side of the cork and align with another cork. Press for about 15 seconds. Repeat, so that you have four sets of two corks each. Create a square and run a line of glue where the corks will come into contact. Use a toothpick to clean up any excess glue while it is still hot. Let set for about 15 minutes prior to using. Pour your self a nice glass of whatever you choose and marvel at your creative talent.