Chocolate Chip Cookies

by brookefiore

I often find it more enjoyable to bake something myself than to buy it. Several factors contribute to my decision. The number one reason is that I am picky about a lot of foods; I am not picky in the sense that I dislike lots of food but rather I have specific criteria for how certain foods should be.

Say, chocolate chip cookies. I like them thin and crunchy, not thick and chewy. Chocolate chip cookies are simple, they remind me of childhood and my mom’s best friend who always has a freshly baked batch ready in her kitchen. Rather than to go a knocking on her door, I decided to make my own batch today.

I like whole wheat flour for its fiber content and the hint of nuttiness it brings to baked goods. So while I waited at the doctor’s office yesterday I went in search of a thin, whole wheat, chocolate chip cookie recipe online. I wish I could tell  you I put my own personal spin on this recipe but I didn’t.

In fact, the only thing I changed about it is that I used miniature chocolate chips instead of the regular sized ones. I like the even distribution of the chips in each cookie, what can I say? I was very pleased with the outcome. Sometimes, things (err recipes) are better left unchanged.

Thank you to B/eats for the recipe, which can be found here.