Bittersweet & Grapevine

by brookefiore

I love the idea of decorating for the seasons. That being said, I hate clutter and I dislike knick-knacks. So what does that leave me with? Sentimental decorations and those temporary additions that are gifts straight from the outdoors.

Once the over night low drops to about forty degrees the leaves of the grape vine die off and what’s left is this really whimsical twisting vine that wraps onto surrounding vegetation. The vine is perfect for shaping into a wreath. For years my mother and I have harvested some vine from across the street and wrapped and twisted it around it self creating the perfect base for a wreath. I am a woman of simplicity so I liked the idea of adding just one other thing to the wreath. Bittersweet. The berries start off yellow and then once clipped and brought indoors burst open showing off their bright red inside. This gives the wreath a little pop of color without taking away from the simplicity of the decoration.

A few years ago I took this idea and made a garland for my fireplace mantle. I have always been perplexed with the decoration of my mantle. It’s narrow and doesn’t hold pictures well and I also hate the idea of putting anything on it that I will just have to dust at another time. I know, I bet your picturing a stark, simplistic theme resonating throughout my house. Not exactly. I try to create spaces to reflect on those items I treasure; pictures, childhood memorabilia, and beach finds mainly.

The harvest pile 

This year I kept my eye out for the vine to be ready and just as I predicted Columbus day presented itself as the ideal harvesting day. I had picked up some gourds and miniature pumpkins to add this year too. I’m quite pleased with the final product. Better yet, just as the dust starts to collect in and amongst the branches it will be time to return the vines to the compost pile and bring in some holly for December!