Sunday French Toast

by brookefiore

The loaves of pumpkin bread had cooled and one had already been given as a gift. The remaining loaf I kept for us to have as we pleased. My father asked “when are we supposed to eat this? Is it a breakfast food?” I hadn’t really thought about it. Breakfast, dessert, an accompaniment to tea any of these labels could go with the pumpkin bread. Instead I answered a very cliche “it is what it is” and shrugged my shoulders. I’m usually hesitant to mess with my food too much, I like simplicity and I think most fine foods can stand alone and hold their own. I don’t like to busy dishes with too many additions. That being said I also know how to live a little

But as I lay in bed this morning telling myself I would go feed Simon in just five more minutes it dawned on me. I could make this pumpkin bread into a true breakfast dish.

I had made French toast before and I knew we had the essential ingredients of bread, milk and an egg. This morning I took it one step further and added banana, almonds, and just a smattering of powdered sugar.

In my opinion, bananas, almonds, and powdered sugar alone would make for some delicious French toast even if I had used some whole grain bread. The slices of pumpkin bread are what made it out of this world.

If that doesn’t start off Sunday on the right foot I don’t know what would.

Pumpkin Bread French Toast

Serves one

2 slices of maple pumpkin bread (see previous post for recipe)

1 egg

splash of skim milk

1 TBSP sliced almonds

1/2 banana

powdered sugar

Heat a pan with nonstick cooking spray over medium heat. Whisk egg with a splash of milk. Coat slices of bread with egg mixture, shake off excess and lay in pan. Cook until browned on each side. Slice banana over top of toast, sprinkle slivered almonds and powdered sugar if desired.