Garlic Hummus

by brookefiore

When I posted about zucchini hummus a few weeks ago I owned up to being quite the hummus snob. At that time I was experimenting with grilled zucchini hummus, a recipe I found in our newspaper. I really enjoyed the unique flavor that the zucchini provided but I realized that I must make my own traditional garlic hummus made from chick peas (or garbanzo beans as they are also known) before I could make a true comparison. After all, my zucchini hummus was being held to the standard of Mystic Market’s own recipe and let me tell you that is some stiff competition. I don’t even think that was fair. 

So of course I leaped at the opportunity to put my food processor to good use and the opportunity to level the playing field, the Fiore hummus playing field that is.

Yes, my love affair with food stems so deeply that I have decided to host a little hummus competition, between, well, ok just me. I like hummus for several reasons beyond its garlicky, robust flavor. The traditional kind, thanks to the garbanzo beans, provides a bit of protein and is a nice source of fiber. Hummus pairs nicely with some veggies or crackers and is a great alternative to mayonnaise. While I wouldn’t go making my tuna salad with hummus I do use it on sandwiches in place of the mayonnaise. To paint a nice little comparison picture for you I chose to compare a few traits of Sabra’s Roasted Garlic Hummus and Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise. While it is so very simple to make your own hummus I realize not everyone owns a food processor nor do they have the impulse to whip up a batch at 10 AM on a Sunday like myself. That being said, you can certainly reap the benefits from a store bought version. Read on for the proof. 

Tablespoon for tablespoon hummus has 35 calories and mayo has 90 calories. If that doesn’t make a statement the calories from fat in mayo total 90 while hummus takes the prize with only 25 calories, or 10 grams of fat versus 3 grams of fat respectively. Mayo also lacks fiber and protein, both of which can be found in yes, you guessed it, hummus!

For my home made hummus I used this recipe as my guide; however, I omitted the hot sauce and only used two cloves of garlic which, as I suspected, turned out to be plenty.