Connecticut College Arboretum

by brookefiore

Sometimes the best places to visit are right in your own backyard. Or maybe they’re about 10 miles from your backyard; still convenient none the less. Thankfully the weather cleared up today just the way the forecast predicted and the sun came out in time for an early afternoon stroll through the woods, the woods of the Conn College Arboretum that is.

I am an ocean girl at heart but that’s not to say I don’t know how to appreciate the burning orange, red, and yellow backdrop of autumn, the majestic tall pine trees or the slant at which the sunlight comes through the branches onto a leaf covered trail.

I visited the arboretum for the first time in elementary school with the girl scouts. It’s a place I have never forgotten but sadly never returned to. I always meant to pay those trails a visit but just never found the time to do so. I could only imagine the beauty that was waiting beyond those wrought iron gates. Even I-95 looked like the yellow brick road this time of year. 

I was seeking tranquility, an escape from the movie reel of “what ifs” and “why nots” in my head, I wanted clarity in my thoughts. I wanted to be beneath those towering trees. Sometimes you just need feel small among something so immense and beautiful put forth by nature in order to find a sense of serenity.

I was tired of thoughts about yesterday and thoughts about tomorrow. I wanted to think about now.

Walking through the wood no cares in the world, the world has come to play she’s all mine just for the day.                                                                                                     Dave Matthews Band, You Never Know

I wanted to race down the hill into the woods, I wanted to climb atop rocks and stomp in the mud. But then the smell hit me, the smell of the woods. A mix of moss, composting leaves, broken twigs and earth. I no long wanted to run, I wanted to walk, carefully and mindfully with each step deeper into the thicket of bushes and leaves. I wanted to take in the smells, the sounds, the beauty of everything around me.

 I caught glimpses of butterflies that otherwise could have been mistake for a leaf falling from above. I spied stone walls that stood the test of time. I saw fungus and deer tracks. What wasn’t to love?

I may have a deep love for all things ocean but this was autumnal bliss.