Pumpkin Pizza

by brookefiore

I have been baking a lot with pumpkin lately, and with good reason! Halloween is just around the corner.

I haven’t yet roasted up a sugar pie pumpkin but the canned version is proving to be quite versatile; from pumpkin stuffed shells to pumpkin bread and pumpkin muffins.

The idea to add pumpkin to a pizza was not my idea, in fact, it was a lunchtime conversation turned inspiration. I couldn’t see myself visiting the Providence restaurant that served this dish in the near future so I thought I would make my own!


Although I had never made pizza at home before I knew that our local grocery store sold freshly made dough. All I would need were my toppings.

I had stocked up on canned pumpkin back in late August so that was taken care of. I thought about looking to the internet for additional topping ideas but I decided to choose a few of my favorite ingredients, with pizza in mind of course. I chose some fresh basil that was growing atop our kitchen counter, mozzarella  and goat cheese and marinara sauce of course. I was feeling a “red” pizza rather than a “white” one.

I followed the directions on the dough for flouring and shaping, then it was up to me. I added just a little bit of olive oil to ensure crispy crust and then added my tomato sauce. Next, I grated some mozzarella cheese and sprinkled that on. I generously spooned some goat cheese (my favorite) among the mozzarella and then came the star ingredient. A few dollops of pumpkin later and this was shaping up to be quite the festive pizza! I added some basil for flavor and a splash of greenery and then seasoned with just a little pepper. Into the oven for a quick twenty minutes and before I knew it, our pizza was looking more like a small hover craft! That being said – it was delicious.

The pumpkin added a sweet yet savory flavor while the other toppings were reminiscent of your typical pizza pie.