Almond Joy Biscotti

by brookefiore


Some of my favorite gifts to give and receive are homemade ones and
some of my favorite homemade gifts come in the form of food. There’s
an element of creativity and thoughtfullness but also practicality.


Prior to the holidays, I spent a good deal of time pouring through the
many sugar and butter laden pages of my latest edition of Fine Cooking
Magazine, the cookie edition. Leave it to me to think beyond cookies
and to float off into thoughts of New Year’s resolutions. After all,
Christmas is the season for cookie swaps and “last suppers” only for
January 1st to mark the begining or rather, the restart of the dieting
frenzy that manages to be forgotton come the end of the year by most
who set out with high ambitions. I question that perhaps it’s my profession or maybe narrow-mindedness that has led me to believe one of the most common New Year’s resolutions has to do with food and weight loss. However, I took a quick peak at’s list of the most popular resolutions and wouldn’t you know that a third of them had to do with food, weight loss, or diet. I applaud for providing a link to the Weight Control Information Network – an information service of the NIDDK.


This got me thinking about how I could put together some of my own
thoughts about resolutions and food and lifestyle. It’s been said
before but I will say it once more because it is something I believe;
the best form of a diet is one that is attainable, sustainable (for
life), and realistic for the individual. For some, no sweets means no
sweets ever again and this brings them weight loss/maintenance success
and happiness. For others it brings on feelings of guilt at a slip-up
and deprivation which ultimately leads to failure. And for some,
moderation works best. I happen to be part of the moderation mindset.
This is why I am a dietitian who posts many, many recipes involving
sweets. If I am going to indulge, I may as well try to make it the
best experience it can be, delicious and satisfying. Hence my love for
preparing food for others.
Biscotti is one of those baked goods I have always wished that I
enjoyed. The packaging is elegant, the idea of a cup of good coffee,
good converstaion, and a fancy piece of biscotti sounds fantastic. But
the dry, tooth-breaking abilities of biscotti have always turned me off
to the idea. It was not until Fine Cooking magazine devoted nearly 10
pages to them that I finally decided to bake my own batch. It’s
suprising that it took me this long to go ahead with this idea as I am
usually quick to think “I can make that myself” with an ultimate goal
of upstaging the storemade product.
The relationship that exists between coconut, almonds, and chocolate
is reminiscent of Almond Joy ice cream, my ultimate summertime treat.
I knew I couldn’t go wrong with the flavors so success was already on
my side. Though slightly sweet and crunchy, but lacking a great deal of
moisture, once dipped in coffee or tea, a piece of this biscotti is
sure to satisfy your tastebuds without making you feel as though you
need to consume the whole batch. They practically advocate moderation
if you ask me.

The recipe for the Biscotti can be found here.