Cast Iron Skillet Beets

by brookefiore


This Christmas I was fortunate enough to welcome some wonderful new gadgets into my collection of kitchen goodies. This list includes (but is not limited to):

A mini ice cream scoop – for perfectly shaped cookie dough balls, every time

A flour sifter – no more ignoring this step in the recipe, cringe at the fact that I ever did this.

A Kitchen Aid 5 Quart Artisan Stand Mixer – need I say more?

Super cute muffin tin from Anthropologie – seen in this post

But sometimes the best kitchenware is a longtime resident of the kitchen cabinet – the cast iron skillet. In extra small, small, medium, and large,  I wouldn’t dare cook an egg on anything else. Or rather, I wouldn’t ever again. I strayed once and paid the consequence.


The skillets are as much of a must have as Le Creuset Round French Ovens – although most Le Creuset products cost an arm and a leg, I believe they are worth every penny. For Christmas, I received the smallest member of the Le Creuset family – the mini cocotte . I foresee Custards of cuteness in my future.


 The common theme here? Cast iron is the way to go for many reasons, but mostly for its versatility and reliability.


This evening I came across a recipe that used my cast iron skillet in a way I had never considered – it was time to take the skillet off the stove top and put it into the oven.



The first – and very successful – take at this cast iron skillet roasting contained red beets, goat cheese and pistachios. The beautiful deep ruby color of beets should be a big red flag for “packed full of disease fighting goodness.” Vitamins A and C, and fiber to name just a few.


Another great benefit to fresh beets? Wilt the greens with a bit olive oil on the stovetop – in a cast iron skillet of course – and you have a nice side of greenery to add to your dinner plate. This recipe is a keeper, for sure.

Thanks to 3o Seconds with A and J for the recipe which can be found here.