Sunday Square Foot Garden Start Up

by brookefiore

On a Friday not so long ago (let’s say early March), we awoke to a ground covered in fresh white powder, with several inches still to fall in the midday hours. It didn’t seem like the greatest day to head to the garden center, but it was the plan for our day off. The 4’ x 4’ frame had been built and we’d picked up our own copy of Mel Bartholomew’s second edition of All New Square Foot Gardening.


The green house at the garden center was eerily vacant with piles of pots and beginnings of spring showcases yet to be built. With list in hand we lugged cubic foot after cubic foot of soil components to the counter top and then, with the Jeep in four wheel drive, we sauntered back to the house in search of warmth and shelter.


The bags of peat moss and vermiculite and soil would sit in the basement untouched for several weeks.


Today, the temperature just barely made it to fifty degrees and with the wind a bit gusty it felt more like it should have back in early March. Chilly air aside, it was time to fill the frame and lay the groundwork for the square foot garden.


The most challenging part so far has been finding compost. We did our best though, finding three varieties as well as a potting soil mix that supposedly tries to accomplish the mixture we were creating of equal parts peat moss, vermiculite and compost.


This little sprout was hitching a ride in there.


After mixing the soil ingredients with the help of a large tarp and some adequate watering to settle the dust, we headed indoors with flushed cheeks to sort seeds and plan out our square foot plots.


Here’s the first draft.


As I admired the excel spreadsheet I thought, if even one seedling sprouts I will be happy. After all, this is only my second attempt at gardening.



May the bright and sunny disposition of these daffodils bring you happiness and hope as you embark on another Monday!