Watermelon Lime Ice (with fresh black raspberries)

by brookefiore

 One of my favorite memories of summer stems from being down on the Jersey Shore. And to date, not a summer has gone by where I haven’t spent at least a couple days baking beneath the sun, among monster waves beating the shoreline, in boats bobbing along the bay and enjoying some quintessential summertime treats. 

Over the years our time spent down on the shore has varied from several weeks to just a few nights. As schedules become busier and time seems to whiz by on a Monday through Friday time clock, capturing those perfect summer moments seems to come less and less frequently. But these moments are still possible for those willing to create and savor them.

There was once a time when I was lucky enough to visit the shore twice in the same summer. Once in June and once again in August. Our June trip was usually limited to a couple nights at the motel. A wood paneled Wind Jammer that hung heavy with the musk of cigar smoke. Something that could seem rather unappealing to the untamed eye come as memories to me, as unique as the stucco walled outdoor stairway I stubbed my toes on too many times to count.

We would climb the stairs with sandy feet, returning from a trip to Sundae Times. I never chose the sundae though. My heart was always set on the small stand at the end of the ice cream counter, for there was the man with the shaved ice.

My mom and brother and I would sit on the balcony in rickety outdoor furniture, our legs up on the balcony, eyes cast onto the twinkling lights of the bridge. The lifeline to the main land. I held on to the night like I clutched the spoon to my ice, never wanting to have to leave that island.

When I came across this recipe on Ashley’s site, I about ran out to the store to get a watermelon at that very moment. This recipe had the potential to rival Sundae Time’s shaved ice. And while nothing can transport me onto that Wind Jammer balcony at this very moment, this frozen treat sure comes close.

Watermelon Lime Ice (with fresh black raspberries) 

The original recipe can be found here.

I used about 4 TBSP water in total and just 1 tsp of honey as my source of liquid sweetener.

Walking back from town today I stumbled upon several black raspberry bushes in amongst some overgrowth along the patch of land in front of my house. I vaguely remembered these bushes existed, but as new construction comes up next door, the bushes have become incredibly accessible. They made a nice addition but this dish is quite perfect all on its own.